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KEIKYU EX INN Kamata offers quick and easy access to Haneda Airport, downtown Tokyo and Yokohama, perfect for business or pleasure.
The hotel is a 5-minute walk from the West Exit of Keikyu Kamata Station on the Keikyu Line or the East Exit of JR Kamata Station. All guestrooms are appointed with a Simmons® mattress, a high efficiency air purifier humidifier, and a trouser press. Free Wi-Fi is also available.

5-28-18 Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0052 Japan Access
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Check-in at 3:00 pm  / Check-out at 10:00 am
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Information on cashless payment

We will only accept advance payments on the Website, payments by credit card for room charges.
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  • Semi-Double 13.5m² / Bed size : W140cm
  • Universal Semi-Double 23.5m² / Bed size : W140cm
    Universal Semi-Double

Room featuresRoom features

Room features/Anion hair dryer
High efficiency air purifier humidifier Coffee, tea, electric kettle An ion hair dryer
Trouser press Thermostatic temperature controlled shower Light-blocking curtains
Card key access system
We also have a list of items for rent, including mobile phone chargers, irons, nail clippers, and sewing sets.
*Only a limited number of rental items are available. *Photos may not reflect the actual item available for rent.


Shampoo Conditioner Body soap Hand soap
Bath towel Hand towel Body towel Nightwear
Slippers Toothbrush set Hair comb Razor
Shaving cream Cotton swab Cotton Green tea


Breakfast voucher is available for 700 yen (incl. tax) per person. The voucher can be used at any affiliated restaurant of your choice.


Breakfast(Freshness Burger)


Breakfast:Affiliated Partner(Mos Burger Kamata Higashiguchi Store)

Breakfast:Affiliated Partner(Deli&Roux VIE DE FRANCE Keikyu Kamata Store)


Guests within walking distance will find directions to the hotel by tapping the icon with smartphones or tablets.


Kawasaki Daishi Heikenji Temple

Kawasaki Daishi Heikenji TempleKawasaki Daishi Heikenji Temple

Kawasaki Daishi Heikenji Temple, representing the Shingon sect of Buddhism, is known as a temple that helps protect people from evil spirits. The temple is always packed with worshipers offering their first prayers of the year every January.

8-minute walk from Kawasakidaishi Station on the Keihin Kyuko (Keikyu) Line from Keikyu Kamata Station (Travel time is approximately 12 minutes from Keikyu Kamata Station to Kawasakidaishi Station)
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Anamori Inari Shrine

Anamori Inari ShrineAnamori Inari Shrine

During the time for cultivating new fields in 1804, the rough sea had washed out the embankment and caused major damage to the land. The villagers decided to start a shrine on the bank to pray to Inari Okami (deity of grains and food), which consequently calmed the sea. This story has been told as the beginning of the Anamori Inari Shrine. It was said that the name anamori was used to commemorate the graciousness of the deity to protect people from the damage of a broken bank, where ana literally means opening, and mori means to protect.

3-minute walk from Anamoriinari Station on the Keihin Kyuko (Keikyu) Line from Keikyu Kamata Station (Travel time is approximately 4 minutes from Keikyu Kamata Station to Anamori-inari Station)
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Ikegami Baien Plum Tree Garden

Ikegami Baien Plum Tree GardenIkegami Baien Plum Tree Garden

A quiet garden retreat set on a hillside where visitors can enjoy the changing scenery of the four seasons. The plum blossom is designated as the Ota City flower and the garden has about 370 plum trees that give off fragrant aroma in early spring time and color the premises in red and white. In addition, other attractions include about 800 azalea plants and other trees, as well as a tea house, tatami room facility, and suikinkutsu, a traditional Japanese water feature.

20-minute walk from Ikegami Station on Tokyu Ikegami Line from Kamata Station (Travel time is approximately 3 minutes from Kamata Station to Ikegami Station)
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